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How long will my order take after placing it online or at the store?

Postcards and business cards take 3-4 business days if they are matte or uv gloss. If they are silk, spot uv or a custom size order it takes 5-7 business days. This is all after the approval of your design.


Will I get a proof of my job?

If you are having us design your order than yes you will receive a proof via email of how your job will look. This usually takes two days after your order is made. You must revise the proof carefully for typographical errors. After the final approval of your design via email or phone, we are not responsible for any types of errors or omission of information.


What is included in the design fee of my order?

In the design fee of your order, whether a postcard, business card, or brochure, you will receive one proof which you can modify three times. After the third modification the designer will begin charging $25.00 an hour. The design is referring to the look, background, and text in your design. If you need a particular image that is not in our image bank, we can purchase it from a royalty free image vendor at an additional cost. Design fees will be paid in full at the time of placing an order and are non-refundable.


Will I always receive the exact amount of prints ordered?

Most times you will receive a little more than asked for free of charge. Printing industry trade standards allow for shortages or overages of 5%. If you are planning prints to be sent out for a mailing list or to be numbered it is wise to order a little more than what you need.


Can you match a specific color or shade?

Our printing is considered high resolution with excellent quality, however we are digital printers. This means we are not responsible to match 100% a specific or desired color. Our machines are digital and there is always a slight variation between what you see on your monitor and what actually prints.


Can I cancel an order once it is approved for printing?

No, once the artwork is approved it goes directly into the printing processing department.


Can I cancel an order before it is approved for printing?

If design has not been made yes you can. If design has already been made than we can refund the printing costs but the design fees cannot be refunded. All Design fees are final and non-refundable once the design is created by the designer.


If I have a design can I send it to you?

Yes! The design however must be print ready. (Ex. With the correct size and printing margins. Files must either be in the following formats: .jpeg, .psd, .tiff, or .ai). Templates are available upon request with the printing margins. If you cannot provide the files in the formats above or cannot make the margin adjustments we can correct it for an additional $15.00.


What if I need my order delivered or shipped?

If you are out of state or outside of Miami-Dade county please advise us at the time of placing your order so that we can include the shipping charges to your invoice. Our shipping carrier is UPS. If you are in Miami Dade County and cannot make it to our office for pickup please advise as soon as possible to arrange delivery with a private courier service. Deliveries are subject to an additional fee determined by the courier company before the delivery is made. Payment for delivery shall be made directly to the courier. We do not offer free delivery.


Frequently Asked Questions. (FAQ)

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